TOURNAMENT "Take The Wheel" LP

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Hot on the tail of their March 2016 “Teenage Creature” LP (The End Records), Tournament returned to Spiceworld (their Brooklyn basement­studio safehaven run by drummer Jordan Lovelace) with Jordan and Matt Giordano (Such Hounds) co­engineering in the control room. Recorded over a weekend in April 2016 and then brought to Johnny Schenke at Dr. Wu’s for his mixing and mastering expertise, the result is a piping hot hit of soulful and expertly crafted american rock’n’roll, served up in a big ol’ blown­out speaker. “TAKE THE WHEEL” will be released on cassette/digital October 21st with LP coming November 2016 on Colonel Records.

“We’ve gotten pretty adept at location­specific shorthand for rock n’ roll ­ the sloppy power chords are “garage,” the warbly vocals and sing­along choruses mean “bar rock,” etc. Tournament are tricky because they're two places at once; distinctly grimy and subterranean, but full of brawn and bombast. “TAKE THE WHEEL” is a record by people who play basements like they're arenas.” ­ Ryan Duffy (National Geographic)

"Hit play, close your eyes, and let these six delicious, decadent slabs of rock 'n' roll victory influence you to do all of the things your parents always told you not to—with a fist in the air and a big ol' grin on your face." - Cat Jones (NOISEY)

"Picture your local denim and leather-wearing, ’70s-fetishizing rock badass strutting into the bar, kicking the jukebox, and walking away as the room gets flooded with riffs." - Andrew Sacher (Brooklyn Vegan)

"Every band sounds better with a cold beer in reach, but some make the perfect soundtrack to shotgunning, Teen Wolf-ing or just plain bathing in suds. Tournament are the latter, employing hard-driving rock, punk, gang vocals and anything else made to remind you that you need to party harder." - CLRVYNT

"You can practically hear the breaking glass and blown out amps. Gang-style vocals and a furious rhythm make this exactly what our souls need right now. No frills punk is what the doctor orders and Tournament have your prescription." - Nerdist