Paralyzer "World of Shit" cassette EP


Paralyzer formed in November 2015 as a collaborative effort between Ryan Davis and Matt McCalvin, and the duo quickly rounded out the band with Wes Duvall and Rick Moore. Paralyzer immediately became a staple in the ATL punk scene, honing a sinister blend of nihilistic lyrics, anxious riffs and heavy arrangements that ooze frigid layers of guitar, bass, synth and drums. "World of Shit,” their first output for Colonel Records, is a filthy 5 song blitz for all you lovers gazing longingly into the abyss.

Paralyzer "World of Shit" cassette EP available on Colonel February 2nd 2017. Limited hand numbered edition of 100.

For fans of Wipers, Jesus Lizard, Mission of Burma, Jay Reatard, Battalion of Saints, Big Black